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Our Mission Statement 

We believe that wellness is a lifestyle and state of being that goes beyond merely the absence of disease and into the realm of maximizing human potential. Once basic needs are met wellness emerges from nurturing physical, emotional, cognitive, social, spiritual, and environmental well being. All are closely intertwined and works as a sum of its parts - wholeness. The RiiDesign Foundation under RiiAhmrii Studios is a community interest company that encourages holistic wellness through socio-political awareness in a way that can be built from a foundation of human/earth centered healing structures. 

Aspects of what we consider true holistic wellness includes: access to therapy, the sharing of resources, genuine living wages, restorative fitness, close knit communities, social program funding,  integrative education, and creating opportunity. 


The RiiDesign Foundation was born from an aspiration to combine a passion for humanities, the arts, social justice, and spiritual wellness.

The study of mutual aid as an organizational theory and form of voluntary political participation has inspired the systems of which we pursue to enact even the slightest change in the conditions of people's lives. Through the six dimensions of health we hope to provide guidance that will allow others to feel empowered and strengthened in their healing journeys. This is not something that is meant to be conducted alone but is necessary to begin from inner work. Our platform was created to provide some sort of solace to those committed to doing the inner exploration that will inevitably manifest into external service. In this process our major goal is to relieve at least some of the blockages placed on individuals and communities to bring them back to the possibilities of their selfhood - that is what we consider true wholeness and healing. 

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Let’s Build Together

If you feel called to, we welcome donations that are used to finance events and care packages under the RiiDesign Foundation.

[ This is including all projects in conjunction with the Student Voices of Color Collective for our youth.]

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