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A Letter from the Founder 

Ahmrii Johnson of Rii Ahmrii and the RiiDesign Foundation

This is honestly the epitome of vulnerability for me.

I am exposing my innermost passion



                                                                                                                                                    and chosen soul mission.

This is a first step into opening myself into the unknown that awaits the very  beginning of an ambition that I have nurtured within myself from childhood. One that I have delayed from exposing to the world. There have been drafts of a plan on how I could contribute to the world from the time I was in eighth grade. I have spent years indulging in collective history, psychology, cultures, society, politics, and [most recently] generational healing practices. From the time I could remember I have had this burning determination to have a righteous role in the advancement of Black people across the diaspora. I remember quite fondly that my mother would characterize me as 'militant' and I adopted that adjective with pride. I was proud to be grounded and assertive in my convictions for equitable change in the systems that affect Black communities - even if this portion of my personality confounded others.

Over time however, as I have witnessed in many children I have taught and mentored, this raw fearlessness is tested by a callous reality of the world and universal lessons. I found myself in recent years consumed with rediscovery of self and holistic healing. This has lead me to believe that true healing in adulthood is the gradual release of blockages of our true state of being, one that we effortlessly nurtured at some point in childhood before we were shown, taught, told, or forced into something different. We all experience a catalyst to our journey in various different ways that can not be compared, however I believe we can find commonality in curiosity. this does not have to be curiosity in wellness necessarily, but a curiosity of anything whether that be of our inner selves or of things beyond ourselves. My curiosity has always been in the revolution of my people. It took my catalyst however, to realize that my equipment to give value to the world around me is not something I originally thought I could acquire through traditional and linear path but one with guidance from those I least expected (one of those being a version of myself I was yet to meet and one I have not met still). 

Essentially, I have learned that the most valuable resource I could give to the rest of the world is the passing of knowledge, energy, and hope through a path of self restoration. I realized I can not give of myself that I did not have fully for myself. In this I resonate with the mythology of Chiron the Wounded Healer - a story of which we are taught that even with mastery of the healing arts we are to heal others as we attempt to heal ourselves. I like many others have had to empower myself to return to myself and thus return to community where I can give of myself from a cup overfilled. And for Black people, the fight for wellness amongst our communities is intergenerational. As we heal ourselves we heal a lineage of ancestors. 

I never imagined that my passion for socio-political revolution would crash and be rebuilt on this new foundation. While daunting, I embrace this new venture of vulnerability, honesty, and creativity with those considered a soul tribe to me. I am grateful to be able to contribute anything to the archive of this life whether spiritually, mentally, materially, or artistically. This is a new chapter for me to return back to myself with a wholeness of who I am and who I can be for others. I aspire for growth in this foundation so that it will be catalyst for a new foundation and support for others who desire it to be.

Thank you for joining me. 

Ahmrii Johnson 

11 July, 2021

Timeline of Transformation

October 25, 2017 - May 2020

February 2018

February 28, 2018

July 29, 2020

July 2021

Student Voices of Color Collective founded and organized in Lakeland, FL to provide a safe space for underrepresented students to find community and experience public education from cultural nuance. Leadership was passed to the next upcoming class within the two years.

Launch of the #WeAretheCulture local and digital campaign to empower a community of students and young adults of marginalized communities.  

'Soul-Full', an exhibit in observance of the soul inspiring history of the African diaspora through the experiences and talents of student creatives (hosted by Harrison School for the Arts). 

First experiment with a student/young adult care package giveaway as an expression of gratitude for communal support in the midst of the Covid - 19 global pandemic. 

The launch of the RiiDesign Foundation in commemoration of the 'Student Voices of Color Collective' and the riilaunch of Rii Ahmrii Studios. 

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