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Journal Entry, eta '19

an exercise of automatic writing 


I come from a lineage of genetic, oral, and visual storytelling. The many truths of self are all accumulated through various acts of immersion into the soul of the world. For me, this is where I feel most connected to universal timelines, my ancestors, a higher self, and knowledge unseen but intrinsically felt. In this way, creativity has become one of the most profound sources of the wholeness and duality of humanity. From elementary school I have used creation as a way to understand a world that could never truly be understood. I was fascinated with psychology, culture, communities, and the overall enigma of humanity (an experience of experiencing oneself through the connectivity of others). Now, in the most recent chapter of my story I [much like the world I belong to] am learning healing through redesign. This isn't a small ordeal [it never is for anyone] but it has been the most transformative of my experiences in this life thus far. The work I create as an interdisciplinary artist and the service I take as a culture worker are all aspects of the wholeness I claim in this journey. I realized the best referral of my approach is 'Autobiographical Methodology' - an opportunity to critically study the generativity of my worldview, to write my Selves into existence in a way that allows for ‘complicated contradictions’, double binds, and other dilemmas of the self [Denise Taliaferro Baszile]. This gives meaning to autobiography as critical research methodology, and is a take on the philosophy of healing and rediscovering ones' self in order to provide healing to others. My overall mission is to encourage people to realize their inner power, heighten their realities, and to find home within themselves.

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