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R[ii]designing Value 

Human Life and Human Love Has Value 

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One of our first projects in combining the arts with mutual aid is the R[ii]Package. In 2020 we delivered a package of artist goods to a deserving artist who expressed talent and need. This was a spontaneous act of gratitude for those who supported the art sales during the summer. Now we have decided to go forward and improve this idea to continually provide resources to young people of all backgrounds through mutual aid. This year a new selection of wellness and creative materials will be provided based on shared interest from the community. Stay tuned ♡


Care Package Giveaway 2020

Student Voices Of Color

The Student Voices of Color Club is a school based organization that Ahmrii Johnson founded in 2017. This club was built to fulfill the need of culturally nuanced forms of education in local public and magnet schools. Today we are rebuilding this organization to provide an expansive platform and service to students from elementary to middle school. Our mission is to integrate multicultural worldviews, mental health, self empowerment, and integrative support to students with varying disabilities into the experience of grade schools.  

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